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Oct 20, 2019
Questions and Answers about Beauty
18/05/2019 6:21 am UTC

Then just rinse or wash off and towel dry. That was easy, was it not?Honey is great but honey may or may not work on all types of skin. So in case you happen to be allergic to honey or see skin irritations, stop using this honey home remedy.Extra Virgin Olive http://lisocleanseabout.com/effective-skincare-tips/

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6:21 am UTC

Here are some simple steps to applying extra virgin olive oil to your acne. Besides, extra virgin olive oil works great to moisture and clean your skin without blocking your pores. Really, extra virgin olive oil does not feel greasy or oily.Here are the steps: http://glycematefacts.com/cleansing-the-skin/

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6:21 am UTC

While doing this, gently massage the oil onto your skin in small circles – do this for a minute or two. Applying just enough of oil will do and not dripping or wet with oil. This way, this oil also acts like a scrub to remove dirt from your skin. http://firmativabout.com/benefits-of-skin-whitening/

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6:13 am UTC

Any other honey that has been somehow or in some way processed (like those you get on the shelves in the stores), has lost those important qualities, especially for acne skin. To be dead honest, if you can, go get some straight from the bees hive! Now, just use honey like a facial mask. Mix a tablespoon of unprocessed and raw honey with a teaspoon

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