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Aug 22, 2019
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28/06/2019 12:55 am UTC

Our Factory
Our factory was founded 2004 in zhejiang province, area cover with more than 200,000sqm. Mainly produce full range of gasoline garden tools-Gasoline Chainsaw, Brush cutter,hedge trimmer,earth auger,pole saw,multi tools which have been exported to worldwide. Now we equip the ‘’Lean production line’’ to control the quality before

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12:55 am UTC

Hot-dip tin-plated continuous casting copper-clad steel stranded grounding wire
In our country, steel-made (galvanized steel) materials are usually adopted as the earthing materials; however, since the steel-made earthing material has short service life since it is easily corroded, it has been replaced by the new materials gradually. Since copper-

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12:54 am UTC

Product description:
The product is used for the bottom of tundish,wall location,compact structure, ceramic bonding, impact resistance, erosion resistance. The main raw material of the product is high quality fused magnesia.
Chamical composition%MgO≥85≥90≥70≥60

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12:54 am UTC

Since 1999, Jinjiang Footware(Int’l) Exposition, China has been held for 18 times with a total show space of 71000 square meters, the visitors cover more than 70 countries and regions across the world and hundreds of cities at home. The exposition has drawn numerous exhibitors from through the world, it is acclaimed as one of the “Top ten charm

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