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Dec 13, 2018
Questions and Answers about Money
20/08/2018 12:55 am UTC

Facebook adalah salah satu dari sekian tidak sedikit Social Network atau Website Jejaring Sosial yang ada di jagad web. Bila kamu sebelumnya telah mengetahui MySpace atau Friendster, maka Facebook pun tidak jauh tidak sama semacam kedua Social Network tersebut. Facebook pertama kali hadir di bulan Februari 2004 dengan Mark Zuckerberg sebagai pendir

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27/06/2016 9:21 pm UTC

• Buy only what you need.
• Create a budget and live within that.
• Invest sensibly by transferring a set amount to a brokerage account automatically like Schwab, Scott Trade or Etrade. Investing in mutual funds and market Inde

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9:16 pm UTC

Agree on a monthly budget.
Use tools like Spending Tracker Personal Finance App to track your spend against your budget. This will also keep you from making impulse buys.
Agree on a 15% – 20% buffer for discretionary additiona

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9:09 pm UTC

There are three reasons for this:
a. Control: Men feel empowered if they make all money related decisions.
b. Knowledge gap: Men don’t think women know much about money related matters.
c. Role models: Traditionally they may have seen that their fathers made monetary decisions and their moth

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