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Jan 22, 2020
How can I have a happy marriage and transform my spouse into a soul mate? (Part III – Financial Management)
28/06/2016 2:52 pm UTC | By: Surinder Kaur

Do you feel that you are doing everything in your power to make your spouse happy and your marriage work, but there is no reciprocation?  After a couple of years, your enthusiasm has waned and you have stopped trying? Are you wondering where all your romantic dreams have vanished?  You were looking for a romantic soul mate and life seems endless chores, work and arguments? Don’t worry – what if I told you that there is a formula to success — and if you both work together you can be happy in 30-60 days?
The formula –

  • There are four pillars to a happy marriage:
  • Emotional happiness
  • Effective management of chores and social engagements
  • Financial Management
  • Shared Experiences and being mindful
  • Financial Management
  • Women’s discretionary fund: In my opinion, it feels like 100% of men believe that women spend too much on themselves (perfumes, hand bags, make-up, the list is endless). The best solution is to agree that a certain percentage of the budget (discretionary fund) is set aside for the wife’s “personal” expenses.  As long as the wife stays within that budget, there is no rancor.
  • Financial Goals: Agree on financial goals and effective budget management. On a monthly basis a well-managed household can save in the range of 20% to 50% of their income depending on the stage of your life including 401K.  Tools like mint.com will allow you to create a budget by listing all your monthly expenses.  Set up auto-pay of regular bills from your bank.  For your discretionary spend like eating out, entertainment and clothes use a tool like Goodbudget2 and BillGaurdhelp you manage your spend.  Transfer a monthly sum out of your bank into a brokerage account and invest it.
  • Assign ownership: Look at your portfolio and actively decide who manages the money.  Indian women have a tendency to give up money management to their husbands and then feel disappointment when things are not managed to their expectation.  Take ownership, learn basics of investing and manage your money. Read the blogs on money management.
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    2 &3. Teawithdidi does not officially endorse these products and is not paid for product placement. This is the opinion of the Panelist.
    Panelist: Akila Kumar

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