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Oct 19, 2019
How do I balance work and home?
27/06/2016 9:00 pm UTC | By: Tea With Didi
  1. Organize: Use technology. Ask the kids and spouse to enter their activities into a common google calendar after informing you. This way everyone is on the same page/calendar and you are not responsible for their life, only driving! Okay, we know that is not true, but inculcate the discipline in kids and spouse to be responsible for their calendar and it will relieve a lot of stress from you.
  2. Get help: Hire help and don’t think about the expense. Many a marriages have been sorely tested when each spouse builds resentment that the home burden is being borne ONLY by them. Hire cooks, nannies, cleaners, housekeepers – everybody that will help. Most Indian families are loathe to do this since saving money by any means possible is a strong Indian value, but you can make more money when you have the time to focus on work and investing your money wisely – that is the rationale.
  3. Teach self-sufficiency: Kids are capable of taking care of themselves. Make it a game while teaching them to pick up after themselves, place the clothes in the laundry basket, and pour themselves cereal and milk. This investment in your time will pay long term results.

Panelists: Anoo Nathan & Akila Kumar

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