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Oct 19, 2019
How do I get promotions at work or switch careers?
27/06/2016 8:15 pm UTC | By: Tea With Didi

Getting promotions and switching careers requires a good strategy, plan and execution.  While planning and executing within the context of your career will vary, we can give you some guidelines in terms of things that have worked from our experience.
Expand responsibility:
There are three ways to do this –
Cross Train: You can train in other organizations and learn new skills that will help you get promotions. An example would be a developer learning marketing skills and then moving into program management.
Step into your manager’s shoes: If your manager vacates, ask if you can play that role by acting as team lead and position yourself to be chosen.
Attend classes:  Learning new skills will help you position yourself for greater responsibility and promotion. An example would be attending project management classes and taking the PMI exams to move into managing projects instead of writing code all day.
Locate a powerful mentor: Choose powerful mentors carefully and cultivate a relationship. When jobs open in their organization, they will invite you to apply.
Keep Interviewing: Apply for jobs outside your organization and see what you are worth. The answer may surprise you.
Join networking organizations: Watermark, maker, Professional Indian Women’s Association are all worth joining to network.  Only people help you find jobs, so broaden the scope of people you know.
Once you know them how do you keep in touch?
Keep in touch: Make a list of people you want to keep in touch and categorize them into three buckets:

  •  Lunch:  If they are peers, meet them for lunch once a quarter.
  •  Informative emails: If they are 2-3 levels above you, find news clips or articles of interest to them and send them every couple of months. This allows for name recognition.
  •  Christmas letter: Once you have met them a couple of times, they can be added to a Christmas letter.  Christmas letters add a personal touch that helps people remember you.
  •  Home invitations:  If you are comfortable with them, invite them home. A top Indian women CEO once remarked that she made more deals over butter chicken than in any other forum.
  • Author: Hema Sundarraj

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