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Oct 19, 2019
How do I remain slim and attractive?
27/06/2016 4:41 pm UTC | By: Tea With Didi

1. Slim is a state of mind: All shapes are beautiful as long as one is healthy.
2. Wear clothes of the right size: Take note of what makes you attractive. Emphasize this and de-emphasize the parts that are unattractive. As an example, if you have long legs, wear skinny jeans to accentuate your legs. If you have a paunch, wear tight inner clothes to emphasize your shape and wear a cardigan to cover the not so attractive area. SPANX can also create shape. If you have a few extra pounds (don’t we all), don’t make the mistake of lumping everything into a shapeless mass.
3. Get lingerie that fits perfectly: Go to stores like Victoria’s Secret where they offer free consulting to understand your exact size. Make sure that you invest in good lingerie since that lends shape. The correct bra size can make a huge difference in your shape and confidence.
4. Smile: The most beautiful adornment for a woman is a smile. Break it out as often as you can. Practice makes perfect.
5. Exercise and eating well is very critical: Refer to the blog on losing weight, remaining close to your ideal BMI index is important for your future health.
6. Little makeup helps: Watch for a future blog on make-up for Indian women. Invest time in actually understanding how to wear makeup and what makeup works the best for your specific skin type and color.

Authors: Seema Shah and Jaya Kopalle

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