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May 27, 2019
How many calories can you burn while exercising on a stationary bike
16/11/2018 1:48 pm UTC | By: pbcytoby

How many calories can you burn while exercising on a stationary bike
Shein Reviews The number of calories to be burned depends on the following factors: 1) the person’s weight, 2) the age, 3) the duration of the work done, 4) the selected resistance-speed mode.
Scientists at Harvard University conducted a study and found that in 30 minutes of pedaling at a moderate speed, a person weighing 55 kg can burn 210-315 kcal. It was also found that air and music can play a significant role in increasing calorie consumption. In other words, if you want to burn as many calories as possible during your cycle session, then spend it in a spacious room with air conditioning (or outdoors) and listen to rhythmic music.

Weight loss also depends on the Noom diet plan speed of pedaling. The higher it is, the more calories you will lose. On average, the difference between moderate and fast speeds is plus 100-150 kcal. The maximum number of calories burned ( 450 against 300 kcal, for 1 minute is 15 kcal more) was recorded with HIIT – high intensity interval training.

In a professional environment, if you want to calculate calorie consumption with a precision of a comma, the method of estimating calorie MindInsole Reviews consumption by cardiac monitor is used. Along with the pulse, the metabolism under load is measured (a load test is performed with a stepwise increase in load) using a gas analyzer (measures the amount of oxygen consumed and exhaled carbon dioxide) .

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