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May 27, 2019
26/10/2018 8:01 am UTC | By: qagxweed

Noom Diet Plan Wash cucumbers, pour boiling water over them and quickly dip them in cold water. Then tightly put in a jar, shifting leaves and pieces of horseradish. Pour with cold saline solution, add vodka, close the jars with lids and put in a cool place.
Wash the tomatoes and gooseberries, prick with a fork from the side of the stem, put them tightly in jars, pour boiling marinade, and pasteurize. To do this, put the jars filled with vegetables into a pan, at the bottom of which we put a cloth. Pour hot water so that the water reaches the banks of the hanger, bring to a boil and keep on low heat: three-liter jars – 25 minutes, liter – 15 minutes, half-liter – 7 minutes. After pasteurizing the jars roll up.

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