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Feb 26, 2020
I think about work 24×7 and find it very difficult to focus on home and kids. Work occupies my mind day and night. How can I leave work at the door?
05/07/2016 7:41 pm UTC | By: Akila Kumar

Do you feel as if work has taken over your brain? Are you thinking about work all the time, even when you sleep? Do you feel like family has become an interruption to work? You understand intuitively that something needs to change, but are unable to do so since emails arrive 24×7.
There are 3 things you can do to stop:

a. Step back and watch your thoughts: During human evolution, the mind was created to keep our bodies protected from danger. Along the way, the mind has taken over our ego and completely controls us. The simplest way to control our thoughts is mentally to watch what you are thinking. Step back by taking away all the distractions like TV and take a deep breath and watch your thoughts. You will be amazed how fast this will work. When you do this, you can redirect it to the task at hand.
b. Create a mental trigger and buffer to stop: Create mental imagery – like taking the thought, leaving it in the garage, and shutting the door. Then say a shloka that makes you happy or hum a movie song to distract yourself.
c. Park your thoughts: We obsess when we feel that we are not on top of work – right? Create lists, prioritize and when you start obsessing tell yourself that it is in the list and you will get to it when you are able to.

Authors: Anoo Nathan, Hema Sunderraj and Akila Kumar

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