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Oct 19, 2019
I want my space to look like to look like a designer room on a shoe string budget. How do I do that?
25/06/2016 6:21 pm UTC | By: Tea With Didi

a.  BUDGET:  Set aside a budget since that always helps to constrain the project nicely!
b.  STYLE AND THEME:  Space is about emotion – first decide on the emotion you want the space to evoke – excitement, peace, happiness etc.
ii. Understand your style. There are many websites that help with that including playbuzz. Look through magazines and cut photos of spaces that resonate with you.
iii. Choose a theme. Do you want to feel like you are on a beach or part of an opulent eastern harem? What about the clean feel of a Scandinavian room or the peace of a Japanese clutter-free look?
c.  CLEAR THE CLUTTER:  Clear the clutter, donate the extra stuff and throw away or repair the broken stuff. Be ruthless. When in doubt, throw it out.
i. Based on your style preference, give your room a fresh coat of paint.
ii. Think of a “focal point” where the eye will go as soon as you enter the room and buy a piece of furniture or art based on your style. Splurge on that. Build the rest of the room with colors that match or are part of the same color pattern.
iii. With the theme in mind scour Home Goods, Ross: Dress for Less, Marshalls or other stores in your neighborhood to collect stuff you want in the room. Don’t forget the local flea market.
iv. Mix and match the expensive with flea market finds. Don’t hesitate to buy a can of spray paint and change the flea market find to match your room colors.
v. Place and reorganize your pieces till you feel the theme you wanted – excitement, peace or whatever emotion you wanted the space to evoke.
vi. Curtains and interesting curtain rods always dress up the room and add that final polished touch.
e.  ENJOY:  Set aside time to enjoy the results of your hard work!
f.  BRAG: Don’t forget to send us photos. We will post them and celebrate your success.
AUTHOR: Jaya Kopalle

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