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Aug 24, 2019


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    Sex scenes in films are normally romantic, sensual and steamy. Sometimes they are a little awkward, sometimes funny or amusing, and frequently a tiny bit disturbing. And then there are the scenes which can be just downright disgusting.

    In honour of Universal Pictures’ The Change-up, that is from Blu-ray and DVD from 23rd January, these filthy sex scenes are precisely what we’re celebrating. From the film, Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) includes a weekly rendezvous with Tatiana (Mircea Monroe), a 9-months pregnant woman he apparently met at childbirth class. While she’s lovely, the scene is certainly not as she charges in the flat demanding wild animal sex.

    Feeling quite sorry for Dave (Jason Bateman), that’s trapped in Mitch’s body before the encounter, we thought we would trawl from the past 20 years and relive other films that made us wince, cringe, and canopy our eyes.

    10. Harold & Kumar Check out White Castle, 2004

    Kumar (Kal Penn) shows the world exactly how intense an affection affair with drugs is often as he moans in pleasure while having sex which has a giant bag of weed. While seemingly every stoner’s dream become a reality, it’s questionable how this asexual bag of marijuana can achieve much without any actual parts of the body.

    9. American Pie, 1999

    Within the most classic sex-with-an-inanimate-object scenes, we cringe as Jim (Jason Biggs) is caught by his dad having sexual intercourse along with his mother’s freshly made pie. It forever changed madness of warm apple pie making us ponder the similarities between baked goods and sex.

    8. Jack Frost, 1996

    Jim’s American Pie crush Shannon Elizabeth had been crushed by the killer snowman with this cult classic, most notable due to the hilariously poor acting. While supposed to have been a distressing rape scene, it feels right a sordid sexual encounter between a snowman as well as a teen girl. Aside from the indisputable fact that Frosty appears to be a large marshmallow, the grossest part may perhaps be he is poking her with his carrot nose.

    7. All the best Chuck, 2007

    Having women literally lining up to nap together with you probably seems like heaven to most men. Chuck (Dane Cook) learns it can be the alternative if you are doing the work with the sort of freaks which might be more focused on praying to God the Saviour than pleasing you, and have a tattoo that reads George W. above her, um, bush.

    6. Step Brothers, 2008

    Dale (John C. Reilly) is surprised from the men’s toilet when his step brother’s wife goes stalker crazy and demands sex. After hopping onto his bits and thrusting forward and backward in a way that oddly resembles a woodpecker, she tells him to ‘Stay golden, pony boy’ before lifting a leg and choosing a wee from the urinal. Dale thinks it’s incredible, who’s kind of is actually you’re into quick, woodpecker sex and females that wee like men.

    5. Team America: World Police, 2004

    With this controversial sex scene (nine edits would have to be consideration to the Film Association of the usa before they’d approve it), we view puppets go advertising of the many possible angle their plastic bodies will allow. While their creepy smiles don’t change at all in the romp, their positions do a great deal – with each and every one making us wonder more and more what the heck we’re doing watching disturbing doll sex.

    4. The Hangover Part II, 2011

    Basically we don’t actually see the sex scene between Stu (Ed Helms) as well as the Thai transvestite she has emotional sex with while blackout drunk, our imagination is free of charge to produce some pretty dirty images. What we understand to view is Stu’s priceless reaction as ‘she’ reveals her private parts anf the husband comes to terms with the fact that he earned want to a she-he.

    3. The Change-Up, 2011

    Dave (Jason Bateman), while stored in Mitch’s (Ryan Reynolds) body, is seduced by a very pregnant and horny woman, that is expecting her weekly sex session. She lunges toward him, her enormous nude belly at the forefront, and attacks the repulsed Dave-as-Mitch. Yes, pregnant women are beautiful, however, not when you can see their baby’s foot protruding through their enlarged stomach. The following scene isn’t superior, as Mitch-as-Dave is aware about Dave’s naked wife taking a massive poo on the toilet.

    2. Bad Santa, 2003

    Billy Bob Thornton shows us a side of Santa we never wished to see when he partcipates in anal sex with a prostitute within the dressing room in the office. The scene basically destroys the visions we’d as kids of jolly old Saint Nick with his fantastic sweet Mrs. Claus.

    1. Kingpin, 1996

    Roy Munson (Woody Harrelson) opts for repulsive sex with his landlady in lieu of paying rent. Post sex, because he is projectile vomiting in the toilet, she questions their bond between good sex as well as a good crap: ‘What can it be about good sex very often makes me must crap? Guess it’s all that pumping. Pump and dump.’ How poetic.

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