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Feb 23, 2020


  • Peterson Byrne posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Everyone wishes that they added time particularly when managing a shop and running a bank note counter is a method to give you those precious minutes back. Many shops frequently handle high amounts of bank notes being released and out along with some time consuming task of cashing up after the afternoon. Not only are they time saving, but buying a counter can eliminate human error and give you business that extra back-up of security. Listed below are our top three reasons for owning a bank note counter.

    – Accuracy. Bank note counters come in different sizes and shapes. Some may be hand held as well as count coins as well as notes which tend to be suitable for taxi drivers and smaller businesses. If you possess a larger business that deals predominantly in cash, by using a counter can eliminate the probability of human error, making counting and cashing up that much more relaxed. In order to separate a substantial amount of cash into smaller amounts, you are able to programme a counter to accomplish this for you, again extracting another aspect of hassle letting you relax understanding that the output will probably be correct.

    Time Saving. Portion of taking some in the stress from working is by so that it is a shorter period consuming. Rather than taking hours to count your cash register, it should take only minutes. The range of bank note counter available can sort up to 1500 notes per minute perfectly accurately resulting in liberated to complete your other tasks.

    – Security. Each bank note counter was made completely on your reassurance. Despite the fact you guarantee that your money is being counted accurately, but you will be alerted if the counter detects a counterfeit note. Top of the range counters include 6-point detection including UV, Magnetic Ink, Infrared, Metal Thread, Thickness and Size detection UV, Magnetic Ink, Infrared, Metal Thread, Thickness and Size detection. Our prime of the range counters are accredited through the European Central Banks as well as the Bank of England at providing 100% at False Money Detection.

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