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Jan 27, 2020


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    Retail stores of all types lose a substantial amount of money each year to theft. The most common form of theft by customers can be reduced with security measures, such as surveillance cameras and special bar code tags.

    pos hardware of theft often go unnoticed for months at a time. Owners do not realize theft is occurring until the end of a quarter or even the end of the fiscal year.

    Theft Involving Employees

    There are several ways employees can steal from a retail store. One is to provide unauthorized discounts to friends when they make a purchase.
    point of sale equipment -dollar bottle of whiskey, for example, may be rung up for thirty or twenty-dollars. A product can be logged as broken and then be carried out of the store after a shift.

    point of sale is to not accurately enter deliveries of inventory as they arrive. Owners and fellow employees are not going to miss a few bottles or one case from a crowded storage room in the back. These subtle forms of theft can go on indefinitely if dishonest employees are clever and careful. To improve tracking and accuracy a Self Service Kiosk POS system can be installed in the store.


    A self service kiosk pos system eliminates under-charging people for products. The employee does not enter the price, the customer scans each item at the kiosk. This is just like self-checkouts seen in many grocery and department stores. The system marks the time, date, total cost, and products sold. Some will even take a picture of the customers, much like automatic teller machines.

    Tracking bestselling items and the dates and times products are sold will also provide valuable marketing information. Promotions, sales, emphasis, and ordering can be customer-driven to raise revenues and attract new customers. If an ipad self service kiosk is selected, owners can include recipes, suggestions for other products to compliment the current item, and add a discount based on purchasing history.

    Custom Packages

    Owners can choose among self service pos kiosk systems to accommodate the needs of the business. Most are adaptable for any sort of retail situations, including restaurants. Systems are embedded which makes them not susceptible to viruses, hackers, and cyber criminals. The company has over thirty years of experience in retail technology and can customize systems to any degree in order to increase efficiency, reduce theft, and satisfy customers. Explore the possibility of installing a kiosk to raise revenues by reducing all types of theft.

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