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Jan 20, 2020


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    By saying "we buy houses for cash" and finding plenty of takers, investors are transforming residential real estate markets all over the country. It used to be more or less necessary to work through the slow-moving traditional sales process, but that is no longer the case. Homeowners who decide to sell to an investor enjoy many advantages, oftentimes with few, if any, downsides.

    Investors are Frequently Well Positioned to Provide Just What Home Sellers Seek

    Selling a home is always a significant move, but this is not to say the process needs to be especially time consuming or otherwise demanding. While there will always be

    new kb homes that need to be accounted for, certain ways of selling a home consistently end up being more appealing than others.

    kb home builders who plan to live in the homes they purchase inevitably impose certain burdens on sellers who choose them.
    kb homes houston end up being easier and better to work with as far as particular homeowners are concerned. Some of the reasons why sellers most often opt to accept the highest cash offer made by an investor include:

    No commissions. Conventional home sales see agents collecting as much as six or seven percent of the purchase price, sometimes despite investing very little of their time in the process. Investors work directly with home sellers, cutting out the middlemen and making sure every bit of money paid for a house goes to its former owner. That will almost always amount to tens of thousands of dollars or more, which are figures few will be inclined to scoff at.

    No hassles. Naturally enough, buyers who might only purchase a home every twenty years or even less often will not always be familiar with the process. That and other factors cause plenty of trouble for many sellers who would rather be focusing on other things. Investors use their experience and positioning to streamline the process in ways that clients always appreciate. Being able to sell a home without any headaches or worries is a welcome opportunity for many today.

    No repairs. Buyers almost always expect the homes they purchase to be in much better than merely habitable shape. Investors provide homeowners with the ability to sell without repair fees, which can be especially helpful in certain situations.

    Selling to an Investor Quite Often Makes Sense

    Issues like these and others make selling to an investor an attractive option to many homeowners today. In many common cases, at least looking into the details will prove worthwhile and more.

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