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Aug 21, 2019


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    Moving into beautiful Kyiv people need more room….at home, on your business, on deployment, moving, or simply in transition.

    Skladovka Self Storage has your ideal storage unit! We are the power that cares, where your storage space is actually an extension of your house or business, where our primary goal would be to provide Premium Customer satisfaction to our customers. We have convenient location available offering units in the wide array of sizes and kinds to accommodate just about any requirement, whether commercial or residential, climate controlled or conventional!

    • Perimeter Fencing

    • Video Recorders in Use

    • Superior Lighting

    • Computerized Gate Entry

    • You Lock & Keep the Key

    • Convenient Locations

    • On-Site Management

    • Natchez’ Newest and Most Modern Facility

    • Wide Driveways for simple Access

    • Range of Sizes to Meet Any Need

    • No Security Deposits

    • Month-to-Month Rentals

    • Competitive Prices

    • Visa, MasterCard, Amex and find out Cards Accepted

    • Monthly Auto-Draft available

    Personal causes of using self-storage

    Self-storage comes into its when you’ll find changes in your lifetime. You may be:

    • moving house

    • relocation

    • renovating your property

    • decluttering rooms

    • travelling or moving abroad

    • at university or college

    • going by way of a divorce

    • having a baby

    • clearing out home after a bereavement

    Our storage experts will talk with you regarding your situation and may suggest a solution that is best suited for the needs you have.

    Business reasons for using self-storage

    Self-storage lets you create space within your work premises. Plus it prevents your property as an overspill for equipment, tools or stock.

    No matter the height and width of your business, our self-storage can:

    • give you somewhere to keep your archives and files

    • records management services

    • provide a secure and accessible place for your equipment and tools

    • give you room on your stock and merchandise

    • take your furniture off both hands in an office move or refurbishment

    More info about Self Storage Kyiv please visit internet page:

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