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Nov 17, 2019


  • Herbert Oconnor posted an update 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Last year was, admittedly, a turbulent year for crypto investors. Prices fluctuated significantly in 2018, leaving many investors concerned about the future. That doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the towel on cryptocurrency, though, given that the fundamentals have actually never been stronger.

    bitcoin value does mean that investors and crypto enthusiasts should be paying extra attention to trends, though. Read on to find out what to expect for the rest of 2019 to get a jump on expected market changes.

    Institutional Participation

    Traditional banking institutions like TD Ameritrade and Fidelity are beginning to enter the crypto market. Some stock exchanges have also indicated that they will begin to offer crypto-related products this year. The additional customers these banking and investing giants will bring to the market could have a dramatic impact on crypto pricing.

    Stable Coins

    Some crypto enthusiasts believe that stable coins, whose value will be pegged to assets such as fiat currency or gold, may be the future of cryptocurrency.
    buy bitcoin would still be traded via a cryptocurrency exchange and would still be traded outside of the confines of traditional banks, but they would be more stable than past forms of cryptocurrency. This trend is still in development, though, so for now, readers will have to stick to traditional cryptocurrency trading.

    Lower Price Volatility

    Even traditional forms of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin are expected to experience lower rates of volatility in the coming year. This prediction will likely be celebrated by investors who were paying attention in the last few years as Bitcoin’s price volatility alone affected the entire crypto market. Those who are new to cryptocurrency can simply note that now is a great time to start looking into a crypto trading platform and investing in different cryptocurrencies since their value will likely remain more consistent this year.

    No Massive Bull Run

    Readers who have been investing in, or at least paying attention to trends regarding cryptocurrency in the past years are likely aware that the market has yet to recover from the bear market. While it’s reasonable to expect some small bull runs within the year based on the Bitcoin ETF approvals and other news, there’s no reason to expect a repeat of the 2017 massive bull run. This simply doesn’t happen after severe bear market trends.

    The Take-Away

    No one can say for sure what the year ahead will hold. However, most experts agree that crypto investors, merchants, and enthusiasts should expect this year’s focus to be on building and development.
    buy bitcoin in value may be unlikely, but cryptocurrencies certainly aren’t going out of fashion and the upcoming market changes should be exciting to watch.

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