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Feb 22, 2020


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    It is very important know exactly how to change a tyre in case you end up in a messy situation on the side of the highway. Some of us have customers to call in these cases but there are actually occasions where you might be far out and help could take the time to reach. Here is an easy step-by-step tutorial regarding how to improve your tyres.

    Firstly, make sure that you stop on the side of the street where it is actually safe and you have enough space to modify the tyre. Always keep in mind the oncoming traffic where you are changing the tyre.

    Making sure that you might have each of the necessary tools to get this done job is an important factor. You may need a tyre iron, a jack, a spare tyre which is properly inflated and fit for the purpose, along with the manual for your car. This manual will give you the necessary instructions on how to change the tyre if there are specific features your car may have.

    Make certain you possess the handbrake activated before you start together with the wheel changing process. It is also vital that you place an object behind the exact opposite wheel in case the car starts to roll backwards.

    Of all cars, you will find indentations under the car that make for any stable location to position the car jack. You can see where these indentations are by means of small markings along the side from the car. Along side it from the car should be no less than twenty centimetres up and running to help you easily change the part.

    You will need to eliminate the hubcap to be able to reach the tyre. The hubcap has become clipped on and can be taken off by wedging the flat portion of the tyre iron in the crevice of your cap. The hubcap is the section of the tyre that protects the lug nuts beneath.

    Loosen the lug nuts utilizing the correct side in the iron. Some cars have special adaptors which fit on the nuts. You won’t have to completely take away the lug nuts as of yet. You are able to take them off once you have got the tyre off of the wheel. The tyre should just click unnatural and be simple to remove.

    Fit the spare tyre to the wheel piece. The bolts must line up with all the holes. Put the lug nuts on the bolts and start tightening it equally manually. You may then use the iron to tighten the nuts properly without having wasted a lot of energy. Do not over fasten as it could break.

    You may then place the hubcap back on the face minimizing the vehicle. The spare tyre should only be utilized for emergency moments. You will recognize that they are narrower compared to a regular tyre.

    Now you can drive safely to your fitment centre. Once you get there you should get the tyre replaced.

    Minty’s is among the leading tyre suppliers in South Africa, and is also famous for our high standard of customer support. We have built a reputation amongst our customers and make certain that they can receive tyres and alloy wheels of the very best quality, among the largest brands nationwide.

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