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Sep 16, 2019


  • Viet Nam posted an update 1 year ago

    Moc Chau is nature bestowed favors the climatic conditions and soil are favorable for the cultivation of plums, so that this place became farm grown plums. The plum in this is known with the name “plum” famous four media. Came here at the end of year 5, international visitors with visa for Vietnam have been involved in, the day the jubilant of the people here to – day picking plums. Plums grown focus in Farm town, Tan Lap and Pa Compliment 1. Between December 5, when weather has become warm, the plum hill, nine, stayed on the branches of plum spindly heavily laden the fruit plum stretch berries, bark smooth, purple with white chalk layer coating the outside. In the agricultural market plum large, covered green by thousands of trees plum, in the center area is the place where the activities of the day picking plums. Day picking plums is held every year to tourists know to the plum post Moc Chau; also to honor the farmers who grow plum hardworking day this is not time share. Development the experience of planting, caring for plum. Tourists come here will feel the atmosphere jubilant, boisterous. Is sightseeing, jungle plum hundreds of acres, join to cheer the local girl competition, picking plums, admire the works of art presented by the plum, especially, there was occasion to try picking plums. Hand touched the plum side, downy on the branches of tall trees, feel the smoothness of plum, fresh, gently picking at dropped into the basket or enjoy on the spot feeling the sweet crispy little more sour, succulent fruit of the plum, this feeling is really very happy. Especially if guests have needs, want to buy plum right in the garden as a gift will be hand-picked.
    To take place, enjoy the plums fresh right in the garden, new feel the delicious aroma of the same quality difference of plum with the plum in the other areas in the country, from which new poignant is the reason the plum post Moc Chau so famous.

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