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Feb 25, 2020
My first munch experience
29/10/2019 6:50 pm UTC | By: arnavi

Writing this a fortnight since I first attended a Munch.

I walked up the stairs just like a bride who walks down the aisle.Nervous, Jittery reminding over & again, walk the steps right.In the corridor my eyes set on a man. The Pope smoking a cigarette with three bishops & a Priestess. Behold! There is a Stranger among us said their eyes. Yet confession can earn trust, so I spelled out my sin to The Patriarch.

Inside on the conclave table a feast was underway. The Demons were surrounded by Angles under one roof. Dose of nicotine had calmed my nerves enough to pull out a bulletproof vest anticipating a shootout to begin. As I sat on a median I could feel the gaze of The Pope & The Patriarch, both inquisitive about this ranger who’s sharing ale with them.

Gospels were revealed & debated in this congregation of souls. Intellect was tested; none could disagree with the other. A flurry of thoughts & ideas begins to revel. An Orgy was imminent. While we waited for the dessert to arrive more words were to be spoken. Alas the sweetness of conversations was too much to call it off.

Now that the unknown has been revealed and comfort reached.

Next time The Vicar can walk up the stairs with few new learnings.


סרטי סקס)

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