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Feb 25, 2020
Site and How to Make it for the Business Field
08/09/2019 8:41 am UTC | By: edrec

Do you have a web site that hasn’t been touched in years? Or have you avoided the Internet bandwagon all together? otwbos Well, it’s time to hop aboard again – or for the first time. Here’s why:

1. Audience
2. Availability: A web site is available 24/7, so your information is there whenever your prospect wants it.
3. Cost-effective: Creating and maintaining a web site is relatively low cost.
4. Design: A great web site grabs attention and invites the visitor in. The design should be consistent with any print materials you use. A good web designer can give you a site that loads quickly, is easy to navigate and read, and looks professional.
5. Traffic Building: Now that you’ve got a web site, how do you get people to it? Here are some starter ideas.
6. Maintenance: A great web site is not static. A website can be a nightmare to those who value completion – because a good site is always evolving. If you want return visitors, give them a reason to come back. Add new content. If you want new visitors, adding content will help your search engine rankings.

There are numerous ways to promote your organization on the web. Below are five simple methods you can use to launch your company into cyberspace effectively.

1. Buy a domain name. Print it on every piece of literature that leaves your office. Include not only your website address but your email contact as well.

2. Build an informative site that is easy to navigate.Domain Include FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) about your company, business background, owner profiles, email contacts, examples of your expertise, testimonials about the quality of your work, achievements you have been recognized for in the community, anything and everything you can think of that would sell your product/service to viewers.

3. Make your website interactive by providing users the opportunity to post and/or send questions directly to a Real Person emawdewi (who will read and respond to their questions in a timely, helpful manner.)

4. Promote your website online as well as offline (see #1). By this, I mean, add your URL to as many related directories, small business websites, and local listings (like the Chamber of Commerce, City Guides, Industry Databases etc…) as you can find on the web.

5. Use word of mouth advertising online as you would offline. It’s easy to add a signature file to every single email that you or anyone in your office sends. This is an effortless way to remind each person you interact with via email about your business . You can easily create a few standard lines that will appear at the closing of each message you send.

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