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Feb 27, 2020
Some installation tips for handbag hardware accessories:
02/01/2020 10:38 am UTC | By: bnbdfg

MY JOY Metal Technology co.ltd manufacturer of bag hardware accessories is committed to providing our customers with handbag hardware accessories, our handbag hardware accessories received praise from customers at home and abroad. The main products are label, pin buckles, decoration ,dog hook, ring buckle, strap buckle, lock, chain, eyelet and so on. We have been focusing on the design, development, production, sales and service of hardware accessories. We have cooperated with customers from all over the world, especially in the high-end handbag accessories industry in Europe and the United States. We hope to cooperate with more company from all over the world to jointly create high-end luxury goods.

For all kinds of brand-name bags, hardware is one of the most important parts of the bag. The following we introduces some installation tips about handbag hardware accessories:

1. The angle of luggage hardware installation must be in place The bag has many small hardware accessories, many of which are right-angle or triangular-shaped hardware. The installation is not in place. After the product is installed, it is not only ugly, but also easily deformed under pressure, and it is more likely to catch things outside. This can easily cause damage to the bag.

 2. The lines of luggage hardware must be symmetrical and symmetrical. Whether the package hardware fits well with the big product after installation. Questions related to the senses.

 3. The shape of luggage hardware must be complete. This is not only the integrity of the front, including many hardware dead corners, and the inside corners must be smooth and intact. The most important thing for a brand is the details. When your bag details are also perfect, your bag is a shining star.

4. Control of the strength of luggage hardware installation; do not use force, use brute force; so as not to deform; use a “clever” word. Bag hardware is a very nice supporting role for bags, so we have to treat our bag hardware more tenderly.

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