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Sep 20, 2019
Train Crash Footage from Bird Box Kids
21/03/2019 1:58 pm UTC | By: fmovies2u

Bird Box: Netflix has apologized and removed the Lac-Megantic rail disaster from Bird Box Cast. The movie contained stock footage of the real-life 2013 train crash where 47 people in Quebec, Canada were killed. When called out for using the footage back in January. The streaming platform declared that they were not going to take the footage in question out of the movie and that they were unable to remove footage once a movie was launched on their server. However, another Netflix project, Travelers, featured the same footage and took it out immediately, which raised some extra questions FMovies.

Nearly three months later, Netflix has decided to pull the controversial footage from Bird Box. The stock footage originated from Pond5, who provides footage for all types of projects. They too have stopped providing the disaster. It is unclear why they chose to pull the scene now, but it should come as a relief to the Lac-Megantic community who were not very happy about the situation. You can read a statement from the streaming platform below.Bird Box

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