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Aug 25, 2019
Tribulus Terrestris in stock
22/02/2019 6:55 am UTC | By: sdsd54v

Xi’an Green Source Co., Ltd is a trading company supplying ingredients of food and health care products under the charge of Xi’an Green Life Co., Ltd, which was founded in December, 2017 and located in the pioneering park of Xi’an High-tech Development Zone. Based on our own factory built in 2006, we produce standardized natural plant extract and provide more kinds of products including botanical extract, vitamin, amino acid, protein, fruit and vegetable powder, essence oil, enzyme etc. which are applicable to be used in medicine, health-care food, functional food, cosmetics, veterinary medicine, chemical engineering and so on.

About production, we have our own factory and a set of complete system to control the quality of products strictly, which can firmly ensure that our products can fit in the standard of GMP. Besides, our company also have professional testing facilities to strictly control the quality after production. And we are continuously improving our technology and pushing out new products. We have own laboratory to make research and refresh our technology to improve our quality of products. At the same time, we have good reputation among customers and industry and long-term strategic cooperation with many superior product suppliers. At the same time, our reputation is well-known not only among companies in China, but also companies other countries. As a result, we have various resources from all over the world to meet most needs of customers.

Tribulus Terrestris in stock

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