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Feb 28, 2020
What are the Polymers?
02/01/2020 9:42 am UTC | By: bnbdfg

Polymers occupy a prominent role in this modern living. From the tooth brush, lunchboxes, toys, pens ….etc, a lot of products are being used every day. It is absolutely fascinating when we understand the polymers and its utmost functionalities. From the daily utilities to the most advanced areas of research, acrylic polymer is a fundamental component. Man synthesized artificial polymer mimicking the natural polymers, which is a group of molecules combined together.

Natural polymers occur in a lot of plants and animals, as a combination of many chemicals. Protein, cotton and silk are the most occurring natural polymer. The DNA, RNA structures of humans, which potentially holds the genetic information are also the fundamental natural polymers. The most used polymers in our daily lives are “Plastics”. They alter the life style and have eased a lot of daily problems we faced before the advent of inventing plastics. Before plastics were invented, stone, metal, natural fibers, and horns and hoofs of animals were used. Though using the natural products is fine, the cost of the products was quite high compared to the plastic polymers. The other major disadvantages with the original fibers are that they were not as durable as polymers.

Polymers are long fibers and are used much in textile industry, Nylon and polyesters are widely used materials in the textile industry which are more durable and occupy less space. Moreover the cost of the synthetic polymers is lesser than the natural fibers. Moreover, the mass production of synthetic polymers can be made in huge volumes.

The polymers have great future, because of its increased demand and usage. Researches are being carried out to use polymers more effectively. In the field of biology and pharma, more artificial organs of humans are being produced to help the humanity. The polymers will also combine with nano science, to occupy less mass. The Aerospace also use significant amount of modern polymers for the construction of the spaceship, and machinery.

The modern Indian chemical industries are capable of producing world-class quality polymers of distinct standards. India stands fifth place in the export of polymers. The countries like US, Canada, Mexico and Korea are the largest users of polymers. Competing with the developed countries, our country is also gradually gaining the popularity of polymers.

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