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Sep 20, 2019
What are the Treatment of Eyelashes?
12/04/2019 12:44 pm UTC | By: latisse

What Can You Do for Dry Eye:
If your eyes are dry then may feel like there is something in your eyes for example sand or eyes might burn or starts itching. You may also can have blurry vision, or you may feel sensitive to light. In some cases your eyes might water. And because of this, you may find difficulty in wearing contact lenses.

What is dry eye Syndrome:
The common factor of dry eyes is mainly because your body does not make adequate or enough tears. This is known as Dry Eye Syndrome or keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS). This can go of its own ir even can last for longer period.

What are the possible causes:
You are not able to make as many tears as the glands that make tears don’t work as your age grows. At same time your eyelids begin to sag, and this can break the seal against eyeball which help to keep moisture.

Autoimmune Diseases — When your immune system starts attacking your body they can affect your body’s ability to make proper tears, this may cause dry eyes.

Eye Surgery:
Sometimes dry eyes can be side effect of Lasik and cataract surgery which help to correct vision problems. During this surgery the nerve that make tears can be damaged. So consult your doctor and talk with him about eye drop or any other thing.

What makes this worst:
Very Low Humidity:
Dry eyes can get more irritated if there is not lot of moisture in air. For example in a heated room, or in air-conditioned room or in an airplane. So the lots of wind can make it for example riding a bike without using any eyewear.

What can you do:
Artificial Tear:
This tears mostly come from drugstore in the form of ointment or drops. Some have chemicals so stop working if used for long time. Consult your doctor and ask him what works for you.

How to prevent:
If your eyes are dry, than better stay away from things that may irritate them, for example air-conditioned, wind, hair dryers, smoke and much more chemicals. Always use humidifier and take breaks when you use long time sitting in front of computer. During sports or some other activity always use goggles or some other protective eyewear that help to keep moisture around your eyes.

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