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Feb 25, 2020
What can safely be done with zero knowledge ?
29/10/2019 7:57 pm UTC | By: arnavi

Another member, here, recently asked whether he should first learn everything about BDSM before jumping into the action.

I said no.

In fact, I advocate a “”jump & learn midair*” approach.

Of course, there are many activities that do require some technical knowledge (at times extensive, such as suspension). And nobody should “try this at home” until they acquired enough technical knowledge.

But there are many activities that can be performed with zero technical knowledge and are enough to make any session incredibly intense. Of course, a few precautions really help, but it’s nothing you couldn’t guess by yourself.

The only pre-requisites that truly matter are :

common sense: if you’re the kind that needs to be told to not put your cat in the microwave oven to dry it up, then please… keep it vanilla. Or even better: stay alone… and, err… don’t masturbate in the vicinity of a live ovary.
a caring attitude: if you care for the well-being of your partner, you’ll probably both be ok. If you stick to simple stuff.
Anyhow, this isn’t a regular “advice to newbies” thread. What I’d like is for everyone to pitch in with activities that can be done with zero technical knowledge.
(kinky san fran)
And let everyone who doesn’t feel confident pick and choose. But at least, it will give people some ideas to cross that step and get started. For real.

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