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Feb 22, 2020
What is LED linear light
02/01/2020 10:57 am UTC | By: bnbdfg

LED linear light simply use many “light emitting diodes” packaged in a long and narrow shell to form a strip of light. This simple concept has changed the way we light up spaces.

Before the concept of LED linearity emerged, lighting long spaces such as offices, warehouses, and retail locations was tricky. These spaces are illuminated by large industrial incandescent bulbs. Linear lighting began to develop in the 1950s, and is mainly used for fluorescent lamps in industrial spaces. By the 1970s, the technology was used in homes, garages and workshops, and retail spaces. This further creates a need for lower cost, more aesthetically pleasing lamps. It is not possible to generate continuous uninterrupted light before the LED, because the fluorescent tube must stop and start to leave black or dark spots.

The improved appearance didn’t appear until early 2000, and we know of earlier versions of LED linear lights. The demand for LED linear lights is huge and continues to grow. The difference now is that linear architectural lighting and LED technology have broadened the scope of application of linear lamps. The industry is constantly evolving as aesthetics and performance improve and stand out from the old traditional shells, using materials in a better way and adopting more advanced technologies.

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